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Write us an e-mail via the form, or just send us an e-mail directly at.



If you have forgotten your password all you need to do is click the ‘Forgotten your password?’ option on the login section located on the account menu. A temporary password will be sent to the email address you have registered. We suggest copying and pasting in the temporary password as it is case sensitive.

If you do not remember which email address you have used to create an account, you can try creating a new account with your preferred email address. We’ll let you know if that email address is already registered

We do not save your card details at any stage of your shopping.  Your payment is preceded via PayPal.

Your card details are stored by PayPal and your PayPal information will be deleted in the system after your order has been finalised. Our site uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology and industry standard encryption.

If you do not have a PayPal account, please visit to register for one. It is totally safe.

Once logged in, click on your name in the account menu. You will then have the option to select and update your details.

Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email from us.

Due to privacy concerns, our contact centre cannot log into your account to place goods in your trolley for you. However, we will happily assist you with your shop over the phone. You will require access to the internet and an online account to shop with us.

Your invoice will be provided to you when you collect your shopping. If you do not receive the invoice whilst receiving your shopping, you can refuse the item(s) and ask for credit by sending email to [email protected].

There can be a few reasons why the product or brand you are searching for does not appear online:

NP Supermarket Online Shop does not stock this product or brand.

The keyword you have searched for does not match any current product or brand we stock online.

Due to limitations in capability, not all products are sold online. Please send us a request in the contact us tab and we will do our best to add it online for you.

Due to limitations in capability, we cannot sell tobacco online at the moment. However, when you pick up your shopping at the store you can quickly buy the tobacco that you desire. Do not forget to bring your ID when purchasing tobacco!

Fresh flowers are currently not available for purchase online due to their varying range and availability in store.

Due to limitations in capability, we do not have the option ‘Shop for a Business’ yet. However, you can create an account under your business name and shop as regular.

For self-collect customers, we highly recommend customers to bring their own shopping bags.  However, if you forgot your bags, we will keep all of your purchase items in the paper box. The paper boxes are free of charge.

We currently do not have an app dedicated to online shopping.

We are unable to delete accounts for at least 7 years under the freedom of information act.


The minimum order amount for click & pick option is $30 excluding other discounts.*

*Some exclusion may apply

Just before finalising your order you can add a promo code via the ‘Add a promo code’ button. This option appears in the final page of the check out just above the ‘Place order’ button.

Some promotions are automatically applied at check-out such as the free delivery on your first shop offer. If you have met the conditions of the offer you will see a message confirming this above the ‘Add a promo code’ button.

Payment can be made using PayPal during check out.

Please note we don’t accept cash, cheques or gift cards as payment for any of our services. If your payment is declined when we process it, we can’t guarantee delivery/ self-collection. We may attempt to contact you to make alternative payment arrangements.

The price is usually fixed. However, price is a subject to change and we will inform you by email if there is a huge difference in prices.

There are several reasons that the funds haven’t been taken from your account, including:

– You do not have sufficient fund in your account.

– Your order is not completed due disconnection of internet. In this case, please check your email again to see if your order is sent to your email. If you receive a confirmation email, your payment will be processed soon.

Please contact PayPal directly for your personal account enquiry via this link:

Sorry for the inconvenience! We do not provide this option at the moment.

All items in NP Supermarket online shopping are sold by pack (e.g. pack of 4, pack of 1 KG). The price will be charged as published on the website.

Our online pricing is based on the in-store price that customer orders are picked and delivered from. There may be some differences between online stores and supermarket store due to the quantity, promotion and locations.

No, we do not provide rainchecks online. Customers will not be able to pick the out of stock item on the website.

Customers will not be able to pick the out of stock item on the website. If you are able to pick out of stock item, it could be a website mistake and we will remove it out of your cart and you will not be charged for it. If you are charge for the item you do not receive, please read the answer in “What can I do if I have a missing item or a damaged item?”

We do not provide delivery service at the moment. We are sorry for this inconvenience!

Currently you are unable to redeem gift cards with NP Supermarket Online Shopping. We are sorry for the inconvenience!

Yes, online shopping customers will receive promotion code for future online shopping at NP Supermarket Online Store when we launch online promotion. The promotion code will be sent to your email and has an expired day attached to it.

We currently do not offer AfterPay or similar “buy now, pay later” digital payment services as a payment option. Our current payment options will be available to you when you are checking out your order.


Yes, you can cancel or make any changes to previously submitted orders right up until your order cut-off time, without incurring any cancellation fees. Once you have placed an order you can modify it via the ‘past orders’ option in the account menu and selecting the appropriate order. This option only appears when you are logged in and you have placed at least one order.

If you modify your order please be aware that the pricing of items may change. For example, items that were on special may change in price if they are no longer on special at the time that you modify and checkout your order again.

Once you do modify your order, you must check out again for your order to be processed.

If you receive an email confirm that your order has been sent to pick & pack team, you cannot modify your order anymore.

If you wish to cancel your order, please send an email to customer service team via [email protected]. Any orders cancelled may incur a $30 cancellation fee. The balance will be credit back to your account.

Customers are recommended to carefully check before accepting their shopping. If an item you have ordered is missing but it appears on your invoice or you have a damaged item, please either:

– Let the person who serves you know and get a replacement immediately!


– Take the photo of received items and sends it to [email protected] together with your order number. We will check and provide you credit within 7 working days if the case is solved.

No, as we do not charge you for any out of stock item. To get these items, you will need to place another order or you are welcome to go into your local NP Supermarket store.

We are unable to update invoices; however, we are able to provide a refund invoice upon request. Please contact us and we will be happy to assist.


We do not provide this service at the moment. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

Currently you can pick up your order from:

  • NP GROWER MARKET MORLEY: Shop 11, 238 Walter Road W, Morley.

We are working to expand our pick-up location. Please be patient with us!

After your shopping is confirmed to be ready for pick-up, you will have 48 hours to pick up your shopping. After 48 hours, please contact us for further support.

No you do not need to sign before you take your shopping.

You need to bring your order number and your online receipt.

You can usually pick up your order from 3 PM – 7 PM from Monday to Saturday. In particular,

  • If your order is successfully done after 0 AM Saturday (last week) and before 0 AM Monday, the earliest pick up time can be 3 PM – 7 PM Monday.
  • If your order is successfully done after 0 AM Monday and before 0 AM Tuesday, the earliest pick up time can be 3 PM – 7 PM Tuesday.
  • If your order is successfully done after 0 AM Tuesday and before 0 AM Wednesday, the earliest pick up time can be 3 PM – 7 PM Wednesday.
  • If your order is successfully done after 0 AM Wednesday and before 0 AM Thursday, the earliest pick up time can be 3 PM – 7 PM Thursday.
  • If your order is successfully done after 0 AM Thursday and before 0 AM Friday, the earliest pick up time can be 3 PM – 7 PM Friday.
  • If your order is successfully done after 0 AM Friday and before 0 AM Saturday, the earliest pick up time can be 3 PM – 7 PM Saturday.


You can send your resume via email to [email protected] and the HR team will let you know what you need to do next. Good luck and thank you for your interest in joining the team !


This function is not available yet. We are sorry for the inconvenience! We will update this function soon with more support to Business Customers.